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2015 Turkey Trot results are here:


Mile Night results

Pacers Mile Night, STA Track, London, ON

June 8, 2015

Terrible conditions.  Pelting rain and flooded track. Runners were ankle deep in water or running in lane 5.


4 x 800 Relay

M55    Bill Wheeler, Brian Burke, Pat Connor, Steve Connor           11:51.02     

W65    Linda Jones, Julia McDonald, Pat Boost, Linda Findley           15:14.06

M75    Richard Darling, Pete Cunningham, Harold Burgin, Steffan Kampe   17:55.47


Mile Heat 1

1        Nathan Philippon        6:55.09

2        Adam Blacklock          7:19.39

3        Chuck Edwards          7:45.11

4        Angie Smith               7:46.04

5        Emma Fenton           8:08.25

6        Eric Magni                8:10.74

7        Sara Slee                 8:16.61

8        Janet Lapierre          8:24.87

9        Barb Bentley           8:44.98

10      David Hanes           8:45.97

11      Sara Midddleton     8:55.91

12      Vi Darling               15:31.13


Mile Heat 2

1        Jeff Orchard                   6:00.18

2        Jim Burrows                   6:01.92

3        Ken Hamilton                  6:14.68

4        Steve Baarda                 6:29.17

5        Melanie Kok                   6:33.85

6        Rob Campbell                  6:33.89

7        Tim Payne                    7:08.67

Turkey Trot Results here

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Springbank International Road Races

New! Many thanks to the family of the late Kettering Striders runner Jim Gerard for giving us access to his pictures from Springbank. See them on the Photos page under Springbank Middle 70's.  Let us know if you can identify any of the runners. Contact londonpacers@yahoo.com

Springbank International Road Races was amongst the most prestigious running events in the world during the 1970s.  Bill Rogers, Frank Shorter, Ron Hill, Miruts Yifter, Abby Hoffman, Jerome Drayton, Francie Larrieu, Alberto Salazar and many more raced in Springbank Park. 

The race had printed programs for spectators that included the past year's results, photos and the entrant's list.  We are scanning these and posting them on this site.  To make the results readable and the files a reasonable size, the photos are not very clear.  You can see the pictures seperately in the picture file.

See programs for previous years' results.

Program  Pictures       Results of individual races

1969       pictures                   

1970       pictures     

1971       pictures     

1972       pictures  

1973       pictures                   

1974      pictures         seniors men's 6M

1975       pictures         masters 6M    ladies 4.5M

1976       pictures         masters 6M    ladies 4.5M 

1977       pictures         masters 6M    ladies 4.5M   highschool 3M

1978       pictures      12M    4.5M    masters 6M    ladies 4.5M    highschool 3M

1979       pictures      12M    4.5M    masters 6M    ladies 4.5M    highschool 3M

1980       pictures      12M    4.5M    masters 6M    ladies 4.5M    highschool 3M

1981       pictures       12M    ladies 4.5M 

1982       pictures    12M   

1983       pictures    12M   

1985       pictures

London Pacers Club Championships

Partial results from 1973 - 2011

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Alvinston Watford Road Races



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