Race Walking

Excellent Fitness Activity and an Olympic Sport

Racewalking is the fast end of the walking spectrum. It has been an Olympic sport since 1906. Two rules define the discipline, one that one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times (as judged by the human eye) and the other that the knee must be straight from the time the foot first touches the ground until the leg is past vertical. The sport requires fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance and attention to technique.

The London Pacers includes racewalkers who compete at the open and masters levels at every distance from 1500m 50K. We are always happy to meet other walkers or to introduce new people to the fun and challenge of our sport. We can be found walking somewhere in London most days at various paces and for various distances.

You don’t have to run when you can walk this fast!

The racewalkers are an active subset of the London Pacers. They compete locally and internationally. Some bring home medals from the World Masters Track and Field Championships. They currently hold 33 Canadian Masters records. They compete in judged racewalks as well as races with walk categories and in road races against runners.

Shoes are about the only piece of equipment we need but suitable ones can be hard to find. Most racewalkers use runner’s racing flats. Though the models are a bit outdated, this is an excellent article on the type of shoes walkers need: www.tibesti.com/articles/best-of-the-best/291/bb

Group Walks

We walk outdoors in almost all types of weather; please check the Weekly Group Activities page for times and places.