Spring/Summer Photos from Local Trails

Below, you will find some photos taken at local area trails by London Pacers Running Club members. When running trails, you will see and hear some amazing sights and sounds which help you appreciate the outdoors even more than you already do.  Run trails and get closer to nature while your body becomes stronger by running up and down hills and around twisty turns.  It is fun to run trails with friends but remember we are guests and you should leave things as you found them.  Enjoy nature and Thank You for caring about the environment.

img_2669   img_2999img_2621   dragon-fly-aug-4th-2016-westminster-ponds  img_2626   kains-3 kains-4   img_2613meadowlily-woods-june-2016-2   meadowlily-woods-june-2016  dalewood-conservation-area-photos-3   img_3577