News: Pacer Gear Store

Exciting things happening in our Pacer gear, this year. Our own, Andrew Jones has designed a new logo for our gear! The old logo (which we all love), will still be available. We have a new 'online' store! We have a casual line of Pacer gear to show off when not running and of course, new Pacer Red running apparel. Order what you want, online! You have the option of a couple colours in the casual gear and you have option to choose the new logo or our retro logo that Pacer have been using for past several years! This store was a work in progress with the Executive and hoping that you all enjoy it and check in often! Items can be added, different times of year, for example Toques with our logo in the winter for Christmas gifts, etc., mugs, whatever you want! Let the executive know what you think.

Here's your store link:

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The London Pacers Running Club is a not-for-profit running and race walking club based in London, Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to promote the sport of running and race walking in our local community. We welcome runners and race walkers, duathletes and triathletes of all ages and abilities. (Running form analysis and race walking instruction are available through our certified club coaches). We run and racewalk and some of us also bike and swim. We take part in races and sometimes break records. We also hold several running and non-running social events each year.

“Just as runners start to run alone because they must, and continue because they learn to love it, they sometimes come together for practical reasons and keep coming back for social ones.” Whether you are preparing for a marathon or just getting started, want to race walk with a champion or join a weekly pack run, there is a place for you among us.

Find out more About Us and Come Join the Pacers! You'll have friends, fitness and fun for life.

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