May 2018 General Meeting

London Pacers, May General Meeting

When: 7pm, Monday, May 14, 2018
Where: Grosvenor Lodge, 1017 Western Road

Featuring guest speaker – Blind ultra-athlete: Rhonda-Marie Parke

In July, Rhonda will run The Last Annual Vol State, a 505 km race, without the use of an assistive guide runner. Rhonda-Marie Parke has 8% vision. Traditionally Rhonda-Marie runs accompanied by guides; runners who call out obstacles along the way. With these guides she’s run races from Marathon distances to 100 mile distances. She has also completed several end-to-end runs of various Ontario trails including The Bruce Trail (885 km), The Avon Trail (110 km) and The Thames Valley Trail (112 km). Rhonda-Marie has also ventured to the infamous Barkley Marathons. Rhonda-Marie continues to work in her community to encourage and create space for inclusive sport.

Rhonda-Marie Parke