2019 Pacer Events

Note that we’re always looking for suggestions of something “extra” to throw into the mix! These events are, of course, on top of scheduled weekly group runs, on trail and road.

  • Saturday, April 27 – Pacer’s annual spirit and information table at the FCRR tent in Vic Park. This weekend is also “green” weekend in London and Pacers have a crew on Thames River clean up
  • Sunday, April 28  – The London Pacers Water Station! Gibbons Park
  • Monday, June 10 – The ever popular Galloping Goose!
  • June/July (TBD) – Summer get together, pot luck and run
  • September (TBD) – General meeting, speaker and updates
  • Monday, October 14 – The Great Turkey Trot
  • Sunday, November 17 – NOT to be missed, the annual Pacer Social
  • Sunday, December 1 – The annual Charity Bear has a new look, just for 2019.  A “one off” of the usual event. Start saving all your no longer worn clothes, set aside your loose change and canned goods! London will never be the same! We are “running our pants off” for the downtown homeless and impacting our community with the help of the rest of the London running community. Details later, but we’ll be gathering at Covent Garden Market, upstairs, prior to walking to the corner of Harris Park, for our run, then back to the market for a little entertainment indoors to help warm up your bare legs!
  • Wednesday, January 1 2020 – location/time TBD, annual New Year’s pot luck and run

TBA – A couple of fun things coming up, date not decided yet, we’re ‘trading’ a trail run with Spoilsport crew, keeping them company, then they’ll do one of OUR runs.

Also looking for a fun group to help with a short video of the Pacers, doing our ‘thing’. Volunteers always greatly appreciated and you won’t regret it! Contact Sandi asap!