50th Anniversary Potluck July 23rd

We are delighted to invite all London Pacers and families to join us for our 50th Anniversary celebration run and potluck at Gibbons Park on Saturday July 23rd 2022. Meet us 10:15am at the Gibbons Pavilion for a short run at 10:30am followed by potluck from 11am to 3pm at the Gibbons Pavilion. Bring your family and a favourite dish to share. Phone Steve with any questions, ideas or if you would like to help. We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at Gibbons. After all, 50 is a big round number. Happy 50th Anniversary Pacers!

– Arrive early 😉
– 50th Anniversary Run: Saturday July 23rd 10:30am from the Gibbons Park Pavilion
– 50th Anniversary Potluck: Saturday 11:00am to 3pm at the Gibbons Park Pavilion