A coach can offer even the most experienced athlete a new perspective, scientific knowledge, nutritional expertise, psychological aid, and (sometimes most importantly) a voice of reason to temper the most well meaning athlete’s self-destructive tendencies. Even the most experienced and educated athlete can’t be objective about his or her own training and racing. ~Steve Ruis

Certified coaching is available through the London Pacers. Qualifications in our ranks include certification with the National Coaching Certification Program. This system ensures that the coach has a certain level of knowledge and commitment. The NCCP, which is followed by 65 sports across the country, involves a combination of studies of the theories behind training, technical programs specific to each sport and supervised coaching lasting for a year or more for each level. This ensures that the coach has a broad knowledge of all aspects of the art and science of coaching.

Certified Coaches in Our Midst

Contact us if you are certified, qualified, volunteer-minded and would like to join in on some coaching opportunities.

Bill Wheeler

Bill has competed in road, trail, and cross-country running as well as triathlons and duathlons. He is one of the top Masters runners and triathletes in the area.  Bill has Canadian age-group championships in both cross-country running and the International Duathlon. He believes in the saying, “motion is medicine” and along with his coaching duties leads a number of weekly meet-ups for anybody interested in staying active.

  • NCCP level 2
  • NCCP Community Triathlon Coaching
  • Running Coach: Western Triathlon Club
  • Run Leader: Mountain Equipment Co-op

Bill organizes and lead weekly group activities to improve running skills and abilities.

  • Monday: Plyometric workout to build power
  • Tuesday: Road cycling – cross training opportunity
  • Wednesday: Trail run
  • Thursday: Interval track workout
  • All group activities are no fee…no registration.

For details and schedule email

  • Canadian Age Group Champion: Cross Country, Duathlon
  • World Age Group Medalist: Duathlon, Sprint Triathlon
  • Trail Running: Age Group Champion OUS Series, 5-Peaks Series