Excellent Fitness Activity and Fun Too

Running is an excellent fitness activity and a sport where if you are motivated enough to train, regardless of your speed or experience, you can do well and enjoy success. The London Pacers like to include the word FUN in its training mantra!

Group Running

Group running offers creative stimulation, supplies your own personal cheering squad and even a little healthy competition. It’s also a great opportunity to expand your social circle. Strength, speed, endurance & stamina are all key ingredients to a successful runner and running with the London Pacers helps you develop these skills and traits.

Weekly Pack Runs

We offer weekly pack runs, specific training programs and monthly meetings with guest speakers who will enhance your knowledge of the sport.

Beginners to Veterans

Our runners range from beginners to veterans of 100 marathons and more.  We run track, roads, cross country and trails in distances from 60 metres to 100 miles. Our marathoners regularly place well in the Boston Marathon and other prestigious races.

Free Training

We offer a free training program for fall cross-country.


A coach can offer even the most experienced athlete a new perspective, scientific knowledge, nutritional expertise, psychological aid, and (sometimes most importantly) a voice of reason to temper the most well meaning athlete’s self-destructive tendencies. Even the most experienced and educated athlete can’t be objective about his or her own training and racing. ~Steve Ruis

The London Pacers includes, in our midst, some of the best coaches in London. Each has an array of qualifications, including certification with the National Coaching Certification Program. This system ensures that the coach has a certain level of knowledge and commitment. The NCCP, which is followed by 65 sports across the country, involves a combination of studies of the theories behind training, technical programs specific to each sport and supervised coaching lasting for a year or more for each level. This ensures that the coach has a broad knowledge of all aspects of the art and science of coaching. Each level adds to the sum of knowledge. There are 5 levels recognized in Canada with Level 3 being required to take a team to World Championships and Olympics.

Find out more about our coaches on the Coaching page.