I joined the Pacers when I first moved to London as a way to meet new people who share my love of being active and outdoors. I’m proud to be a part of a club that boasts competitiveness and adventure, while still being inclusive and social. The mix of accomplished runners and enthusiastic newcomers, like myself, fosters a mentoring atmosphere, which has helped me to run farther and faster than I ever have before. They’ve also challenged me to try new things, such as trail running and relay races. Thanks to the Pacers, I’ve not only develop what I expect will be a lifelong love of running, but lasting friendships as well.

… Juliet

I am a racewalker from Ailsa Craig.  I was looking for a race open to walkers and I found one organized by London Pacers.  When I showed up I was totally taken by how welcome I was.  Everybody was so kind, helpful, friendly and supportive, great atmosphere.  The race was organized very well.  Despite challenging weather, I had a very good time.  My wife and I decided to join the club.

… Peter

I was looking for a running club in town and came across the London Pacers Running Club.  The club had a well-established history and offered the variety I was looking for with regards to types of running (road, trail, and cross country).  Being a middle-of-the-packer, I felt the club seemed like something I could try so I attended one of the monthly meetings to learn a bit more about the group and to meet some current club members.  I was pleasantly surprised at how welcome I was made to feel.  I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing the Guest Speaker.  After joining the Pacers and being with the club for a while, I then joined the Club Executive.  This experience allowed me to give back to the community in a different capacity.  Since being a ‘Pacer’, I have enjoyed the comraderie and support of countless club members.  We train together and travel around to events together, supporting each other at races, events, and in life itself.  I would highly recommend checking out the Pacers if you are interested in joining a running community and improving your health, fitness and well-being.

… Kevin