Trail Running

Trail running is as natural as running. The first people started running on dirt paths, animal trails, and in open meadows. This made them strong and balanced and it can make you a better runner too.

Trail running is uniquely challenging as the ground is uneven and is complicated with roots, rocks and narrow twisting turns. Trail running has less impact on the joints and back due to running on softer surfaces, add to that the enjoyment of nature and the changing season.

Saturday Trail Runs Meadowlily 2016
Saturday Trail Run at Meadowlily

Trail Running Group

See the Weekly Group Activities page for info about the Saturday morning trail runs and other weekly trail runs.

Trail Running in and Around London

The London area has an extensive series of hiking trails that are very popular with runners. Many are on land administered by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. Find information and maps on their website. Go down the page to Brochures/Factsheets. There are maps to download of trails in Fanshawe, Pittock and Wildwood Conservation areas as well as maps of trails in Environmentally Significant Areas – Warbler Woods, Kains Woods, Kilally Meadows, Medway Valley, Meadowlilly and Westminster Ponds. In addition, the Thames Valley Trails Association has information on their website.  See more Spring/Summer trail photos from some London Pacer trail runs.

Westminster Trails
A bit of scenery from the trails around Westminster Ponds
Medway Trail Running Winter (February 2016)
Trail running group in winter at the Medway trail (February 2016)