The club includes athletes who compete in duathlons and triathlons, from Try-a-Tri for beginners to World Age Group level. Our members compete in distances from sprint to Ironman.

Swimming, Running, and Cycling

Triathlon. Running.

A Triathlon is an athletic event that includes swimming, running, and cycling. Triathletes can move from a sprint event to an Olympic event, half-Ironman, through to the Ironman. To compete in this event, triathletes must swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and then run a marathon (26.2 miles).

Bike Trip To St. Mary's 2016
London Pacers Running Club take a bike trip to St. Mary’s (2016)

Looking for a Coach?

Are you looking for a coach? Bill Wheeler is a certified multisport coach.  E-mail:


A duathlon is an event that includes running and biking so there is some overlap with triathlon in activities and members involved. For information specifically about duathlon specific activities and or relevant groups, please visit the Duathlon page.